Lifeline Ministries

Where do people go when they are hurting and need help?

In conjunction with Lifeline Counseling, Lifeline Ministries seeks to connect training, support, and resources toward the goal of creating “a community of caring” within the local church body or organization.

God designed the church and the Christian community to be a resource for healing and support, especially for life’s most critical concerns. Lifeline Ministries seeks to develop both the spirit of compassion and competency for caring so the Christian community is a place where people know they can come for help.

Lifeline Ministry offers many supportive service to churches seeking to develop a community of caring: Consultation, Training/Mentoring, Workshops, and Conferences. Call us today to learn what we can do for you. 513-402-2273

Where do people go when they are hurting and need help?

Those who are involved in a ministry often find that issues arise which require a more specialized form of care, such as: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Suicide Ideation, Cutting, Mental Health Issues, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Dysfunction, Substance Abuse, Trauma, and Legal Issues.

Issues of this nature typically require the services of a licensed professional. Lifeline Counseling, LLC, connects professional counseling and clinical therapy as a trusted resource that respects the values and beliefs of the Christian community. Lifeline Counseling promotes and protects the relationship of the individuals, couples, or families with their faith community, and takes an integrated approach of clinical competency and spiritual development that respects and relies on the truths and principles in God’s Word. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 513-402-2273